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A Simple Mission

Presidio Sports Management began as a simple idea with a simple mission: to provide high quality legal and management services to pro athletes, brands, teams, and race and event directors in the endurance industry in an honest, professional, and principled way.  Now that the launch is in full effect, we are looking forward to see what the future holds for this simple idea.

If you’ve checked out the website you will see that PSM put its heart on its sleeve by laying out the company philosophy on its own page.  Why did we do this?  Besides the obvious answer (because we wanted to let everyone know!), it is our goal to bring the highest level of professionalism and personalism (I just made that word up) to the endurance sports industry in every interaction.  And what better way to do this than by just telling people.  While this isn’t a typical approach (especially for lawyers), it is our approach, our principle. Period. (Still feel free to insert your favorite lawyer jokes here.)

So what does this mean for our clients?  It means that our clients will know our thoughts and can trust that we will have their best interests at heart. It also means that whether the stakes are low or super crazy high, we will apply the same principle in every matter.  From the very beginning as a company we have already applied and seen this principle in action.  One of our first clients hired PSM after we literally tried to convince them that they didn’t need our legal services and could have done it themselves.  Nothing speaks truer to our mission. (And we’ll take the positive karma points!)

As PSM grows (and it’s growing fast!) we will continue to circle back to our simple idea and ensure that every interaction that we have displays our integrity, loyalty, work ethic, and intelligence.